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Mortgage Agent in Ontario - Doug Paterson

Doug Paterson
Your Mortgage Expert

"I want to help you achieve true home ownership and guide you through the biggest investment of your life.  Mortgages are big commitments and serious investments. Working with a mortgage professional makes it easy and insures you get the best mortgage for your situation.  I look forward to helping you improve your financial future"                                                                Doug Paterson, Lic# M20001642

* Referral rewards and charitable donations are paid on every mortgage successfully funded using the services of Dominion Lending Centres - Paterson Mortgages. Payments are made within 21 days following mortgage closing.  Referral reward gift card value is dependent on the mortgage value. Ranging from $100 Gift Card on a $150,000 Mortgage to $250 Gift Card for >$450,000

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