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The decision to pursue a career in medicine is not taken lightly.  The extended period of education and the related costs/ debts can leave one thinking they are destined to rent for years.  Fortunately, we have dedicated mortgage partners who understand the position or newly graduated physicians and those starting medical residency.  These partners have developed special mortgage products and considerations which take into account, not only the current financial situation, but also the future income Doctors and future doctors can expect to earn.    

Essentially our lenders have established a sliding scale of projected earnings based on medical specialty.  The scale ranges from $185,000 per year to at high as $380,000 per year depending on the medical specialty of the physician or resident physician applying for a mortgage.

                It is important to note however, these special considerations are only applied to owner-occupied residences and are not made available for the purpose of investment property purchases or for buying a second residence like a cottage or vacation home. 

We greatly appreciate the work done by those in the medical field and we hope to have opportunity to work with you to get the mortgage rate and mortgage terms you deserve.

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