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Shop smart, get pre-approved

The decision to purchase a home or a second property is not one that is taken lightly.   Many people believe the first step is to simply start the shopping process by contacting a realtor or jumping online and start visiting open houses.  The serious home buyer however should start their purchase path by seeking out a mortgage pre-approval.   Not to be confused with a mortgage pre-qualification (which is simply an estimate of what one might afford) a mortgage pre-approval is the act of getting officially approved by a lender for a specific maximum mortgage amount.   After all what’s the point of shopping if you don’t know what you can afford?   Once you have been pre-approved for a mortgage, not only do you have a firm grasp on what you can afford, you will also better understand what your finances will look like once you have finalized a home purchase.  Also, may sellers expect potential buyers to be pre-qualified as they shop their property and those that are pre-qualified are taken far more seriously by buyers and their real estate agents.

We have access to dozens of different lenders, including the big banks and a number which lenders are likely not familiar with.  As we work to get you pre-qualified for a mortgage, our mortgage brokers make sure to understand your financial situation as well as your goals and plans for the future.   This insures we are shopping for the best mortgages to suite your situation and helps us connect you with a mortgage pre-approval that not only prepares you for the initial purchase, but for the years following. 

There are also several things a person should not do when they are trying to get pre-approved and afterward as they are shopping for their dream home.   Our mortgage brokers will educate and guide you to the best practices during the purchase phase and help avoid surprises, plus they will help you.  If you are looking to purchase a home, please speak with a mortgage broker today and make sure you are on a path with the best chance of success.


Mortgage Pre-Approvals

When shopping for a first home, cottage or an investment property, getting pre-approved and knowing you have access to financing and the amount you can spend is the best first step toward achieving a successfully real estate transaction.  A mortgage broker can help you not only get the best rate for you, but the best mortgage product to fit your unique situation.

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