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Being Self employed is not a new concept, however every year more an more Canadians begin successful small business ventures.  After all, it's a great lifestyle if you can make it work.   However, there are challenges attached to being self-employed and obtaining financing for a home, or even something smaller like a new credit card or vehicle can pose challenges. The nature of self-employment income can leave some people looking like high credit risks in the eyes of lenders, even though they may in fact have a more stable income than those who are working day in and day out for someone else.
Fortunately, Canadian banks, credit unions and institutional lenders have begun to understand the importance of self-employment across Canada, and are making excellent mortgage products available to the self-employed allowing them to finance their primary residence and even second homes and investment properties.
Our licensed mortgage professionals are experts at helping, self-employed operators like you, get mortgages, and ensure you get the best mortgage available through a big banks or one of Canada’s largest lenders.
Obtaining a mortgage if you are self employed has in fact, never been easier, and you will be excited to know the mortgage solutions available today are built to help you succeed in both your business and your personal life.

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