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I believe the best way to flourish in business is to both love what you do, and to focus on that which is most important.  Yes, the products and services are important, but at their core, all businesses exist to help PEOPLE. So that’s what we focus on at DLC Paterson Mortgages, you and your needs.  If you truly value your clients, always put them first and help them to your fullest, then service, lasting relations, and growth follow naturally…that’s good business.         Doug Paterson - Mortgage Professional

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Mortgage Agent in Ontario - Doug Paterson

Your Mortgage Agent

Specializing in Residential Purchases, Refinancing and Mortgage Renewals.

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T. Moffat

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Doug made mine and my fiancée's life EASY during what was a stressful time for us. Purchasing a new home during Covid is hard enough, let alone having the added stress of securing a mortgage. Doug helped us every step of the way and made us feel at ease with his calm, professional demeanor when getting us approved for our mortgage. I would HIGHLY recommend Doug for all your mortgage needs!

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D. Pascucci

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I would highly recommend Doug Paterson as a mortgage professional. Having spoken with several mortgage professionals when I was looking to purchase my first home, Doug stood out from the rest due to his customer-service approach. Instead of just offering a baseline of communication, he went above and beyond to collaborate and educate me on the process I was embarking on. Being new to the world of mortgages, I needed the extra support, and Doug delivered. Thank you Doug for successfully securing my first mortgage!

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G. Traval

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The Dominion Lending team were great.  Doug helped me with my mortgage renewal and made the process simple.  I always felt like a VIP client and ended up with a great rate.  Will use him again come renewal time.

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Top Mortgage broker in Milton and Burlington


Helping you secure your ideal mortgage and putting you on a path to a better financial future!

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. To ensure that you make the best choice, a first-time home buyer should consider.  What do you really want in a home?  What is your current financial situation? What are your financial and lifestyle needs? As a first-time buyer you might not...More...

At DLC Paterson Mortgages our mortgage professional are happy to provide you with a wide range of mortgage refinancing options to meet your unique needs.  Speak with one of our mortgage experts to understand more about our mortgage services and how they can benefit you.  More....

The decision to purchase a home or a second property is not one that is taken lightly.   Many people believe the first step is to simply start the shopping process by contacting a realtor or jumping online and start visiting open houses.  The serious home buyer however should start their purchase...More

When you find yourself approaching your mortgage renewal date, it’s likely you will receive a note from your current lender. Typically, these are distributed to homeowners when there is roughly three months remaining on an existing mortgage term. Believe it or not...More

Debt consolidation is the process of establishing a personal loan intended to pay off a number of other debts all at once. A debt consolidation loan is typically offered by a lender to help individuals streamline their debt repayment process. They provide a single debt to...More

Bridge financing in Ontario is an important and necessary tool which helps homeowners navigate the sale of a home while purchasing another.  In some cases, homeowners may find they need a short term loan to bridge a financing gap between selling one home and purchasing another.  Bridge financing...More

If you have bad credit is can be challenging to get approved for a mortgage as most banks and large lending institutions consider bad credit score too high risk to approve a morgage loan.  There are solutions and we are ready to help...More 

There are challenges attached to being self employed and obtaining financing for a home, or even something smaller like a new credit card or vehicle can pose challenges.  We have mortgage solutions and are ready to help....More 

Due to the abundance of employment opportunities and status as 'high earners', Medical professionals like physicians and resident doctors have access to special mortgage rates and approval processes.  We have access to lenders offering mortgage products available exclusively for medical professionals...More

You may ask, “So what exactly is a second mortgage”.   Simply put, a second mortgage is when you add an additional mortgage on top of an existing mortgage. Having a second mortgage essentially means you have two mortgages and therefore two mortgage payments.  More....

An equity take-out mortgage is a type of loan used to leverage equity for another purpose.  The loan, or in many cases refinancing mortgage, may be used for renovations of a property, to use as a down payment for a purchase of another property....More


We have access to hundreds of reputable lending institutions to provide you with more options - and the best mortgage products to suit your needs.  Here are just a few....

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